Assalaam alaikum,

   Alhamdullilah Al-Huda eCampus website has gone through a major upgrade to serve the needs of our students better. Existing users will need to complete a onetime password reset. Please check your junk/spam folders if you haven’t received your password reset email. For students who had a space in their username, it has been replaced with a “.” dot eg. “John Doe” username is now “John.Doe”. For any assistance please click on the “Help Desk” icon on the top right of this page and a support staff will get back to you.

What is an eCampus ?

  Al-Huda eCampus signifies our mission and vision of “Qur’an for all – in every hand, in every heart”. eCampus stands for electronic campus, where all courses are taught through eLearning methodology. It is a form of distance education conducted through the Internet, supported by communications media, such as audio and video conferencing software, e-mail and other technologies. eLearning also provides student forums that enable interactive discussions between classmates and between students and their instructors. Al-Huda eCampus shall offer out-of-classroom disciplined educational experiences based on courses and curriculum advancements developed at the institute. Many students choose this form of distance education because it enables them to pursue self-paced education while continuing to work full time, raising a family or simply staying in their homes in any global location.